Naval Research


Spent the day doing more research and digging through the Royal Navy records to try and confirm more Pompey men. Been quite successful but still lots to do. At the moment I have today been able to confirm 56 men. Sometimes seems like a never ending task, but one I intend to keep at.

Always being asked about doing a book, at the moment the answer to that is no. I think there is so much information to look through and check that this will be a ongoing project for many years to come.

Another thing I am always asked about is Gosport men, being added to the database. Yet another no I am afraid, I have had to make boundaries or else I would not know where to stop. The database will include Portsea Island, Cosham, Farlington and to the top of Portsdown Hill.



Portsmouth Research WW1


My first writing on my blog.

I have been for a while building a database of the men and women of Portsmouth who served during WW1, including both those who perished and survived. I like to include as much information that I can including census and military records etc. I am also fortunate enough to have had a lot of information from relatives, to which I say a big thank you.

I will try and update as much as I can with what is happening.